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Buildup STEAM partners with Child Life programs to provide Bedside Robotics to the patients and families in the hospital.

After we determine a sanitation process that meets your hospital's standards, we determine areas of operation. We have found success working with General inpatient pediatric units and Hem/Onc units.


We work with you and your team to write grants!

We also determine if we need to find and fundraise for a Staff member to operate the program or if you already have someone on your team who can incorporate this program into their work flow.

We fundraise to purchase materials necessary for the programs success, to support continued Buildup STEAM consultation and if need to create a new paid position to operate the program.


Once a funding source is found, we purchase all materials and construct the cart on site at your hospital. We provide training to the program coordinator to perform the necessary tasks to keep the program running smoothly and to ensure and excellent experience for the patients. Part of our process it to fill out a survey recording how many interactions we have and the quality of those interactions. We record no personal patient information and are HIPAA-compliant.

All data collected is shared with our Child Life and hospital partners. This data shows the success of the program In your hospital.

Continued consultation

After the program is up and running, we continue to work with you to support the program! We provide Program data (with patient feedback) - Optional, material upkeep, new robot instructions and continued coaching and training.

Board of Directors


John McInerney

Executive Director


Tom McInerney

Senior Marketing Director at the Rocket Mortgage Classic


Joe Ahern

Practicing Attorney and Founder of Ahern & Kill in Birmingham, Michigan


Pat Chisholm

President at PLC Partners, LLC


Klementina Sula

Development, Healthcare Philanthropy Leadership


John Luce

CEO at Inviso, LLC